Tottenham World Film Club launch

Tonight sees a screening of the award-winning film My Brother the Devil, followed by a Q & A with its director, Sally El Hosaini. The film centres around the relationship between two brothers, played by previously unknown actors. Although one of the film’s other principles, Saïd Taghmaoui, has had a long career including the recent Conan remake and the French “urban” classic La Haine. Here’s the film’s official trailer:

Sally El Hosaini describes the film as “about the power of unconditional love. Although it touches on themes of prejudice and identity, at its heart it’s a love story between brothers. Both brothers must face up to who they really are if they are to be able to love each other. So, ultimately it’s also about the courage it takes to be different, to be yourself.”

“Really very good… impressive stuff”
The Guardian video review

The film won an award at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival and at the 2012 Berlin International Film Festival. Variety described it as “An energetic and imaginative tale…a film that so artfully refuses to surrender to convention”, while Empire said “El Hosaini’s voice remains crisp, cool and consistently street-smart”. You can watch The Guardian’s video review of My Brother the Devil here.

This excellent new film club project also creates monthly short documentaries on local issues, promising to “open new perspectives … and explore what people care about and how society works”.

The first such documentary, High Road, will be shown at tonight’s event, with live music and a photography exhibition also featuring.

It’s £5 and takes place at Tottenham Chances, 399 High Road, N17 6QN. See the Tottenham World Film Club website for ticket info and other forthcoming events.

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