Tottenham one way becomes two way this weekend

It’s all change at 06.30 on 30/6 as the High Road alongside Tesco becomes two way. The return of Tottenham High Road to two-way traffic marks the completion of the first phase of the Tottenham Hale Gyratory removal scheme.

To cut down on any confusion, the police will be on hand throughout Sunday and Monday’s rush to direct traffic.

As well as effecting drivers, the change will cause a minor alteration to the route of the 341.

TfL hope the change “will significantly improve the road network by providing more options for vehicles travelling in both directions through the area, as well as easier access for local residents and businesses.

“It will also help to reduce traffic levels along Broad Lane and Monument Way, making the area safer and more appealing for pedestrians and cyclists.

“New paving, lighting and trees have also been installed as part of this first phase, helping to further improve the look of Tottenham High Road.”

TfL will now start work on the next phase to convert Monument Way to two-way traffic. That should happen by the end of the year, after which work will begin on a new public space.

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