Tottenham Hale Gyratory: one way on way out

Users of Seven Sisters station and local cycle and foot paths will have noticed works on the new road layout have been well under way for a few months. But what’s the plan?

Transport for London is working on removing the “one way” – that’s the entire Tottenham Hale Gyratory – and restoring all the roads to two way traffic. As TfL points out, “The current one-way system has high volumes of traffic but limited crossing points for pedestrians and cyclists. This is a barrier for many residents living in the area.”

As well as attempting to reduce traffic impact, the plan aims for:

  • • A new bus station in a “public square” at Tottenham Hale
  • • More cycle parking, including at Seven Sisters station
  • • More and improved road crossings
  • • Improve the look and feel of the area with mature trees, new seating and upgraded street lighting

Around Seven Sisters

tottenham one way seven sisters planAs well as increased cycle parking, of Seven Sisters tube will benefit from the (return of) a southbound bus stop immediately at the eastern High Road exits.

The bus stops near Tesco, on the completely two-way High Road, will move up the road a little. Although it looks from the plans as if southbound buses will not have a Bus Lane for this section, so time will tell if this causes delays.

Meanwhile cars coming out of West Green Road will be able to turn left or right onto the High Road. A new restriction will see the Town Hall Approach being access only, with no access from the High Road.





Around Tottenham Hale

tottenham one way tottenham hale plansTottenham Hale station will see a new and enlarged bus station, set in a public square with trees and benches.

This new bus station will have all the current routes along with 123, 230, N73 and W4 in both directions, and there will be a new stop on Watermead Way to allow passengers on route 192 quicker access to the station. The part of Hale Road that currently runs past the station will be removed to make space for this larger bus station.

The two-way Broad Lane curving south to Seven Sisters tube will be a 20mph zone, with several additional crossings. Hopefully this will make the area feel less carved in two by a busy road.




The construction work that has started in the High Road around Seven Sisters tube will progress around the gyratory, with the new bus station being the last piece in the jigsaw in 2014.

Some cyclists, however, are unhappy that the start of the works has involved the closure of the Monument Way underpass and worry about the safety of crossing – at the very least while the redevelopment continues. The TfL diagrams state “Subway will be closed and new street level crossing for pedestrians and cyclists opened”, but it has come as a surprise to some that the subway is closed before the new crossing is ready.

Further information and updates as the scheme progresses are available on the TfL website at

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