Tottenham Green Roller Derby

Tottenham Green Leisure Centre plays host to another bout of roller derby this afternoon.

London Roller Girls are staging a double-headed intra-London bout which sees “salty Harbour Grudges take on the futuristic feminist Suffra Jets and the horror show Ultraviolent Femmes face up to the Victoriana Steam Rollers.”

For those unfamiliar, roller derby sees two competing teams of five-a-side skate round and round a track. One member of each team (the “jammer”) tries to get past the defensive players (“blockers”) of the other team.

The sport has become increasingly popular over the last 10 years and is predominantly played by all-female amateur teams. There’s a good introduction to the rules on the LRG website, What is roller derby?

Today’s event is officially sold out, but spare tickets are often available on the LRG Facebook page. And, if you miss out today, there is another bout planned in Tottenham Green on 6 April with tickets going on sale next week. See you down the front!

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