Tesco closes store

As part of a nationwide series of cutbacks, troubled Tesco are shutting their Express store in South Tottenham. As yet, it is unclear how the site will be re-developed.

The announcement is not a surprise to many local residents who have found its stock unpredictable and expensive. The Haringey Independent quotes local Sharma Dockeray, saying “It was quite convenient at first and I’ve used it a few times but the big one down the road is much better.” Another resident added, “The Sainsburys opening near-by must have taken some of their trade, as that is worth visiting on your way home from work. Too often this Tesco was out of basics, or had large quantities of bizarre items. Whoever was stocking the store didn’t understand what a mixed area this is – trying to compete at the ‘value’ end of the market was madness, especially as it wasn’t even cheap.”

Tesco has promised to offer staff alternative roles where possible. Pauline Foulkes, national officer for the trade union Usdaw, said: “This is devastating news for over 2,000 dedicated staff in the 43 Tesco stores across the UK, who have worked hard to make their shop viable during a difficult time for the company.”

Meanwhile some locals are hoping for better things. The Haringey Independent also quotes one local commenting “There’s too many Tesco’s around these days, they’re everywhere. One needs a Waitrose round here to help make the place a bit more upmarket.”

Who knows what is next? Certainly the site has a long history, and was previously a pub. As the Mitre, it appeared in the first Good Beer Guide. Later it become the Golden Stool (named after the African legend) which for a while ran incredibly successful nights that saw the venue buzzing and cars parked down the middle of the High Road.

Golden Stool pub, South Tottenham

Golden Stool pub, South Tottenham (Flickr/Ewan Munro CC BY-SA 2.0)

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