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Open studio (and free beer) at Mill Co.

The Mill Co. Project Gaunson House houses over 20 creative start-up businesses including music production, video production, furniture, food & beverage, visual arts, taxidermy, fashion design, set design, photography and more.

Thursday 15th January is an open studio event when you can meet the artists and find out more about the work taking place.
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Love the Lea festival

A free festival celebrating the Lea takes place next Sunday (17 August). The all-day event is just down the river, in the Walthamstow Marshes picnic area (opposite Springfield Park), and features live music, boat trips, sound walks and more.

The event also features #urbanflowevent (rivercities): a cross-arts, public participation project that forms part of series of works linking Sweden, Canada and our own Lea Valley. People are invited to come to a practice session and dress rehearsal on Saturday 16 August 4-6 p.m. (same place). Children aged 9-13 are also required to perform a dance in the festival and a dance workshop will take place on Friday 15 August at the Sea Cadets Building, Spring Hill, E5. Additionally people are invited to contribute river/marshes photography to Sirenscrossing’s new blog site and/or facebook page. Organisers Carolyn Deby and photographer AnnaCarin Isaksson are also inviting people to attend a creative workshop on Thursday 14 August either 10 a.m. to 12 noon or in the evening 6-8 (as agreed with participants). Find out more on their tumbler http://Sirenscrossing-rivercities.tumblr.com/ or contact Carolyn Deby on rivercities@sirenscrossing.com

(thanks to Save Lea Marshes for info on the urbanflowevent)

rivercities//dry from Carolyn Deby on Vimeo.

Sunday 17 August 2014, 11am until 5pm
Walthamstow Marshes picnic area (opposite Springfield Park)

Love the Lea festival

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Tottenham Takeover V&A

This Friday evening sees Tottenham taking over the V&A in a celebration of Tottenham’s creative community. The free event will host a range of music, art, design, architecture and more.

An extensive programme features highlights including Tottenham style: resistance, power and pride, a sneak preview of an exhibition developed for Tottenham’s canals while filmmakers show the Tottenham World Film Club animations and delve into the Tottenham Social Archives.

All events are free and places are designated on a first come, first served basis so get there for the start to see as much as possible. Filming and photography will be taking place at this event.

The full line up is:

Theo Void presents Tottenham DJ Consortium

Grand Entrance
18.30 – 21.45
Tugging on the influential threads of London’s evolving underground music fabric, Theo Void assembles a dream team musical line up featuring some of Tottenham’s finest home grown talents. Each act represents the roots and references of some of our city’s famed musical exports – all with an N15 twist and N17 swag.

Tottenham Throne Room

Grand Entrance
18.30 – 21.45
Strike a pose in animation film director Sarah Beeby and art director/set designer Charlotte Norman’s Tottenham themed throne room. Crown yourself north London royalty for the evening, and give Victoria and Albert a run for their money. Presenting a playful celebration of the area and drawing on design elements from their own work, references to Tottenham are scattered throughout – how many can you spot?

Tottenham Community Choir (TCC)

Raphael, Room 48a
19.30, 20.30 & 21.00 (15 minutes)
Formed in 2009 by local residents, and with performances such as a benefit gig in 2011 for those affected by the riots, experience this choir’s diverse repertoire and friendly spirit set within the backdrop of the Museum for the evening. With over 90 members, all are welcome to join. Songs include Something Inside So Strong by Labi Siffre and Let the River Run by Carly Simon.


Medieval & Renaissance, Room 50a
18.30 – 21.30
Join artist-led group POST Artists as they take over an area of the Museum and give a sneak preview of an exhibition developed for Tottenham’s canals. Encounter site-specific sculpture, performance, video, drawing and digital animation as POST juxtapose their responses to this post-industrial canalside with the formal citiscapes and fountains of the V&A collection.
Artists include AtelierFraSe, BBKP, Pippa Koszerek, Marco Cali and Aliki Kylika, Olga Koroleva, Fiona Long, Rebecca Leach, Ilka Leukefeld, Samantha Penn, Jenny Rolfe-Herbert, Natasha Vicars, Helena Wee, and Mary Yacoob.

Tottenham style: resistance, power and pride

Fashion, Room 40
19.30 & 20.30 (20 minutes)
Join fashion writer Christine de León on a guided visual tour of past and present Tottenham style, combining archival material with new street-style photos to explore everything from 1950s Teddy Boy fashion to what people are wearing today. Christine will also share a choice selection from the work of local sustainable fashion designer José Hendo and dressmaker Nena Boateng.

The Tottenham Pocket Map

Bottom of NAL staircase (staircase L)
18.30 – 21.30
Come on a journey through the heart of Tottenham with artist-led organisation MAKE-ROOM. Collect a Tottenham Pocket Map and explore and discover the area for yourself. A continuation of MAKE-ROOM’s explorations into the fabric and culture of Tottenham, this project aims to help initiate future projects and collaborations with artists.

The HAGA Photo Project

National Art Library (access via staircase L)
19.00 – 21.30
View Tottenham in recovery through the eyes of people in recovery from alcohol and drug misuse. Photographers who are service users of Haringey’s Drug and Alcohol services test out new mediums of expression through themed photographic walks. The project enables participants to learn to document their own lives and that of their community through photography.

Tottenham World Film Club (TWFC)

Leighton, Room 107 (access via staircase L)
18.30 – 21.30
In collaboration with designers Rosanna Wan and Zuzanna Weiss as well as local Tottenham residents, Tottenham World Film Club have produced a series of animated clips from sessions at Tottenham Chances Arts and Music centre. Animated films include Dance Party, Animated Ebru, and Animated Latin American Mural.

Blingwear UK

Lunchroom (access via staircase L – follow signs)
18.30 – 21.30
Get involved in customising a cap using Posca markers to create your own unique graffiti style. Established in Tottenham, Blingwear UK has worked in the promotion of graffiti as a positive art form since 1995, engaging people from all walks of life in tailored workshops, mural projects and youth training programmes.

Do Well and Doubt Not

Lunchroom (access via staircase L – follow signs)
18.30 – 21.30
Produced and distributed after the 2011 riots, this fanzine about Tottenham aimed to give local people a say on their area: to let them celebrate the good, whilst also addressing the problems and opportunities they saw around them. Produced by Spacemakers, a utopian regeneration agency, edited by Tom Keeley, and designed by Jon Cannon. Collect your own copy from the Museum throughout the evening.

PencilPushers Plus

Lunchroom (access via staircase L – follow signs)
18.30 – 21.30
In a colourful parody of a job centre, participate in an attempt to homogenise the workforce by folding your very own origami suit. A tongue-in-cheek workshop by set designer Ffion and costumier Elektra, based on their personal experience at the Tottenham job centre.

Informal Occupations

Top of staircase M (access also via staircase L)
18.30 – 21.30
Part of Ramsey Yassa’s postgraduate thesis in architecture, this photographic survey seeks to celebrate Tottenham’s industrial heritage, investigating the re-appropriation of industrial space. The photos are a revealing insight to an eclectic community where light industry, creative arts, domesticity and religion choreograph a vibrant and ever changing play of Tottenham life.

The Turnpike Art Group (TAG)

Sacred Silver & Stained Glass, Room 84 (access via staircase L)
18.30 – 21.30
TAG presents three short films highlighting the street art interventions introduced to an urban corner of Tottenham. TAG Flower Boxes show an ongoing scheme re-contextualising the ubiquitous telecom box. Inside Out is part of a world-wide art project of the same name, created by French Street artist JR; TAG featured 21 local children. NeSpoon is the eponymous focus of an artwork in the making; TAG invited an artist from Poland to create a special installation within their Turnpike Lane community.

SoundFjord presents: we stand under an open sky

Seminar Room (access via staircase L – follow signs)
18.30 – 21.30
Field recordings, microphotography of bark and lichen, shifting temporality in light and shadow; natural scents entwine imagined maps and text pieces. Close your eyes and visualise an unexpectedly rural Tottenham played out through the senses.

Tottenham Social Archives

Lydia and Manfred Gorvey Lecture Theatre (access via staircase L – follow signs)
20.00 – 21.30
Explore the social and cultural context of Tottenham and its diverse community from the unique perspectives of four filmmakers:
Shot by award winning filmmaker Peter Snelling and supported by Somerset Film, First Light and My Pockets, the film Brave Face features the musings of Tottenham youth from Edmonton’s Northside Youth Club after the summer riots.
Filmed & edited by Tara Manandhar & Onyeka Igwe, Farm Life looks at the annual Lordship Rec Community Festival which celebrates the regeneration of the grounds surrounding Broadwater Farm. The film was research footage used for a BFI funded short doc, Top Ten Ldn.
Through the Middle by Clouded Vision follows the slow decline of an ageing barber and his business. Mr S faces the reality that he stands as the third and final generation to sustain a family business that has spanned a century.
Football Crazy, shot by Mike Smith in 1971, documents a friendly match between the architects and planners of Haringey Borough Council, played on the pitch at Broadwater Farm.

The Tottenham Tent

John Madejski Garden
18.30 – 21.30
Add to a tent like gridshell structure of woven timber and fabric over the course of the night by weaving your own piece of fabric into a large installation by The Mill Co. Project – a collective of artists and designers including Build is Everything, London Mouldmakers and Sebastian Harding. Representing the fabric of the art community of Tottenham and reminiscent of the rag trade once dominating Tottenham, the scale and movement of the piece explores the extent of artistic talent being potentially displaced from the borough.

The Future of the High Road

Poynter Room, Café
19.30 – 20.30
Tottenham High Road – a dirty and crowded dump or a vibrant hub of the local community? High road researcher Jane Clossick from the Cass School of Architecture at London Metropolitan University will chair a panel discussion with local residents and business owners, planning professionals and YOU about the present and future of the high road – a site of contention and collaboration.


Britain, Room 55 (access via staircase G)
18.30 – 21.30
Enter, wear a gown, take a number, have a seat, relax, and wait. Leave with a print of your journey. Join a cosmic, therapeutic intervention by artist Natascha Nanji, as she stages the Museum as a set for meditations and myths from across the universe – from Tottenham to Tajikistan, Syracuse to Saturn. With contributions from artist and founder of Tottenham Euroart studios Lorraine Clark as well as Sally Mumby-Croft, Russell Palmer and Edward Bishop.

Totttenham Takeover V&A Friday 28 March

Totttenham Takeover V&A


The mysterious case of the mural in the nighttime

Update 2: BBC: “Mural by Banksy taken from wall in north London withdrawn from sale in US, auction house confirms” Good news! This art should be a common treasury for all.

Update: BBC reports a new artwork has appeared. As they say, “it is not known if it is by Banksy”.

The Banksy mysteriously cut out of a wall near Turnpike Lane tube has turned up on sale in Miami. There’s a prominent write up in today’s Guardian about Haringey’s “stolen Bansky”.

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The mural appeared around the time of the Queen’s Jubilee, showing a young boy hunched over a sewing machine making Union Jack bunting. “Slave Labour (Bunting Boy)” disappeared one night earlier this month from the side of the Poundland store.

A stencil rat, asking simply “Why?” , has now appeared near the site of the original work.

The leader of Turnpike Art Group, James Straffon, is quoted in the Haringey Independent, “Public art can really galvanise a community and make people proud of their area. A lot of people are angry about this being taken and it’s something the whole community shared. When it went up it really gave something to Turnpike Lane. It was an asset for the community and added to the culture and soul of the area.”

Meanwhile council leader Claire Kober, has written to Miami’s mayor asking him to halt the sale and have the Banksy returned to London. Haringey Labour have launched a petition, Hands off our Banksy!