Defend Whittington Hospital

Stop these hospital cuts

An important protest to defend our health services is taking place this Saturday, 16 March.

The Whittington hospital is under threat of reduced maternity services, ward closures, fewer beds for the elderly, hundreds of job cuts and the selling off of all onsite accommodation for nursing staff.

Cuts to the Whittington directly effect us in Tottenham, as Haringey has no major hospital within its borders. So the Whittington and the North Mid are our “local” hospitals and we should not let these cuts be imposed.

The Evening Standard summed up the plans, saying:

“Bosses at a London hospital want to save money by limiting the number of babies midwives can deliver. The Whittington plans to enforce an annual “cap” of 4,000 births in a huge cuts package.

“Managers have also approved the sale of half the hospital site, and want to shed about 350 jobs — more than a third of the workforce.”

Many local people are not prepared to take this lying down, and are campaigning to stop the cuts – part of a wider trend across the country to Keep Our NHS Public.

Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition has received support from a range of celebrities, but now needs ordinary people to raise their voices in support of the hospital too.

Join the protest
Saturday 16 March
Meet 11.30am, Highbury Corner
(Highbury & Islington tube: the Victoria line is running south of Seven Sisters normally, but there is no London Overground between Highbury & Islington and Shadwell)

The march will go along Holloway Road to Whittington Hospital, Archway
(Northern line is shut all weekend, but it’s a 5 mins walk to Upper Holloway for London Overground trains back to South Tottenham)

You can also help by…
Signing the petition or printing off a hard copy petition to sign and share
• Joining the campaign on Facebook and following us on Twitter
• Printing a window poster and displaying it
• Joining the campaign’s email list to receive the latest updates to your inbox. Send a message to
• Letting the campaign know about any cuts or waits you or your friends are experiencing at or tweet us @dwhcoalition
Donating to the campaign

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