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Building backing on Plevna Crescent & Ermine Road?

UPDATE: Haringey Council have refused this plan as the land is “Ecological Valuable ” and the development would be “out of character”. Well done to those who monitored this so closely, and thanks again to SoTo blog for sharing the news! Now the space has been saved, it begs the question could it be put to better use as wild green space for the community?

A potentially worrying development plan has been pointed out by our fellow South Tottenham bloggers over on SoTo: Big development planned for N15 railway embankments.

The Council is considering an application to build on the scrub land next to the railways sandwiched between Plevna Crescent and Ermine Road on the one side and Wickes on the other.

The plan calls for “158 residential (1-3 bedroom) flats and terraced housing”.

One hundred and fifty eight flats and houses! At first sight, this seems to be a very high density development on what is currently green space.

As an aside, the site is “location for a worksite to construct the Seven Sisters station” should Crossrail 2 go ahead. As TfL notes “however, to date, it does not benefit from formal safeguarding”.

You can read more details, and see a video of how it looks now, on the SoTo blog post.

The plans (HGY/2012/2241) – and responses to them – can be seen online at Haringey’s Planning Services.

The application is still open for consultation, which can be done online.

2 thoughts on “Building backing on Plevna Crescent & Ermine Road?

  1. Pam I

    The refusal re this planning application may not be the end of the story. The land was bought from Network Rail by a private individual and he has made other attempts to build on it. I doubt that he spent £82000 in 2008 for it, to be able to gift it to a grateful nation.

    1. admin Post author

      Good point Pam. A careful watch by concerned members of the community seems in order. I still wonder if this might become protected land, possibly as soon as next year, if Crossrail 2 moves ahead?


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