Is it the collections that are rubbish?

Some people saw the move towards increased recycling but fortnight “black bin” refuse collections as a reduction in service. As I argued at the time it was introduced, anything that supports recycling is to be encouraged. I like my new recycling bin, although anecdotally take-up still needs enhanced education and information to residents – including doorstep visits and information in translation.

However, disenchantment could easily set in if when a fortnightly collection is not fortnightly, and weekly recycling is not weekly.

Veolia’s problems with snow last month were hard for many in South Tottenham to understand: while the west of the borough was afflicted, roads here were clear all week. With a light dusting of snow on a Sunday, why were our collections the following Thursday cancelled? The lack of communication did not help.

Individuals also have tales of woe. Here is one (ongoing) story from the Gladesmore area:

PM, Wednesday 13 February: black bins out for collection (in the right place and not overflowing or anything)
Thursday 14 February: collection due
PM, Friday 15 February: The “missed collection” is reported to Haringey Veolia
Saturday 16 February: still no collection
Sunday 17 February: still no collection
Monday 18 February: Haringey Veolia reply, apologising and promising collection “within 24 hours”
Tuesday 19 February: still no collection
Wednesday 20 February: still no collection
AM Thursday 21 February: Email Haringey Veolia again, pointing out no collection has occurred
AM Thursday 21 February: Haringey Veolia reply, apologising and promising collection “within 24 hours”
AM Friday 22 February: Phone Haringey Veolia, pointing out no collection has occurred. “That should have happened already … it will be done today”
PM Friday 22 February: still no collection
Saturday 23 February: still no collection, meaning we have had no refuse collection whatsoever this month

UPDATE Saturday 23 February: After appearance of this blog and emailing Haringey Veolia contract manager… the collection was carried out!

Is this a one off or widespread? Now we’ve had the new collection arrangements in place for a few months, what is your experience? Are they working? Are Veolia providing a good or bad service?

One thought on “Is it the collections that are rubbish?

  1. Neville

    Unfortunately, the refuse and recycling service, which was often sporadic at best and non-existent at worst, has been getting worse. Critics are right in that the introduction of fortnightly collections mean a reduction in service. How can an inner-city council like Haringey able to get away with it? Because, typically, we in Tottenham allow them to.


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