The mysterious case of the mural in the nighttime

Update 2: BBC: “Mural by Banksy taken from wall in north London withdrawn from sale in US, auction house confirms” Good news! This art should be a common treasury for all.

Update: BBC reports a new artwork has appeared. As they say, “it is not known if it is by Banksy”.

The Banksy mysteriously cut out of a wall near Turnpike Lane tube has turned up on sale in Miami. There’s a prominent write up in today’s Guardian about Haringey’s “stolen Bansky”.

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The mural appeared around the time of the Queen’s Jubilee, showing a young boy hunched over a sewing machine making Union Jack bunting. “Slave Labour (Bunting Boy)” disappeared one night earlier this month from the side of the Poundland store.

A stencil rat, asking simply “Why?” , has now appeared near the site of the original work.

The leader of Turnpike Art Group, James Straffon, is quoted in the Haringey Independent, “Public art can really galvanise a community and make people proud of their area. A lot of people are angry about this being taken and it’s something the whole community shared. When it went up it really gave something to Turnpike Lane. It was an asset for the community and added to the culture and soul of the area.”

Meanwhile council leader Claire Kober, has written to Miami’s mayor asking him to halt the sale and have the Banksy returned to London. Haringey Labour have launched a petition, Hands off our Banksy!

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