Crossrail 2 map: Tottenham & Seven Sisters

Crossrail 2: trains exit tunnel at Markfield Park

The case for the Crossrail 2 north-south rail link gets stronger every day. This proposed project is vital to provide improved public transport in London, and the plans feature welcome improved links for Tottenham Hale and Seven Sisters including South Tottenham station. But there remain crucial questions on its impact on local residents, both during and after construction.

The latest plans were revealed this week and provide more detail in the form of a Crossrail 2 interactive consultation map.

They make the option of a tunnel portal at Copper Mill Junction on Walthamstow Marshes less likely. This had caused much disquiet at the impact on this marvellous open space and its wildlife. However the proposed tunnel still emerges above ground to the SOUTH of Tottenham Hale, in a strip of land running northwards from behind the Markfield Beam Engine to Tottenham Hale station itself.

Crossrail 2 and Markfield Park

It is unclear how great an impact this would have on the museum and Markfield Park itself – both during construction or after it.

Construction would last several years, with the work site hugging the top of Markfield Park. This clearly raises potential questions about both noise and air pollution, and what would be done to ameliorate effects on users of the park and its popular café.

Once built, the proposed train service includes a Crossrail 2 train every 4 minutes (or 15 trains an hour). These trains are big at over 200m long (two full-sized football pitches) and travel at up to 140 km/h (90 mph). If the tunnel does emerge here important questions are raised on reducing the impact of these trains hurtling by on both Markfield Park and residents of Jarrow Road and nearby.

One issue that may continue to be raised by local residents and groups is: what consideration has been given to the tunnel emerging to the north of Tottenham Hale? This is an area which is more industrial in nature and so may be more suited. Also a continuation of the tunnel further north would go some way to solving the problem with level crossings on the line towards Broxbourne.

Meanwhile to the south, there is a proposal to build a two storey ventilation shaft near to Stoke Newington station. Construction would take around six years from start to finish.This would be a major work in itself, and the worksite appears to involve the demolition of the large Morrisons.

More on Markfield Park – Tottenham Hale tunnel portal

Crossrail 2 at Markfield Park
Crossrail 2 factsheet [PDF]: Tunnelling worksite at Tottenham Hale

Crossrail 2 at Tottenham Hale
Crossrail 2 factsheet [PDF]: Services between Enfield Lock and Tottenham Hale

More on Stamford Hill / Stoke Newington ventilation shaft

Crossrail 2 at Stoke Newington
Crossrail 2 ventilation shaft near Stoke Newington station [PDF, page 5]

Have your say on Crossrail 2

Visit to leave a comment or provide a response to the consultation questions. You can also contact the TfL helpline on 0343 222 0055 or write to Freepost Crossrail 2 Consultations.
The consultation will close on Friday 8 January 2016.

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