Crossrail 2 map: Tottenham & Seven Sisters

Crossrail 2 consultation results

The results of the Autumn 2015 consultation on Crossrail 2 have been published this week.

This new railway connecting London north-east to south-west could bring huge benefits to the local area as well as the wider metropolis. It will improve journey times across London, and ease congestion on the Victoria line.

However some concerns had been raised of the impact of the line – and its construction – locally.

Tottenham Hale tunnel portal

Of particular local interest is the plan to build a tunnel portal just south of Tottenham Hale. Around half of the 321 comments made with specific regard to building this tunnel entrance are classified as positive, including the comment that it would be “hugely beneficial”.

Some 50 comments were made stating environmental/social concerns (section 3.88). Of these, 18 specifically stated that Markfield Park must be protected while 20 raised concern about wildlife and the surrounding environment. There were a further 20 comments stating concern about the impacts of construction on the local community (section 3.89).

Seven Sisters

The report reflects a widespread support for Crossrail 2 at Seven Sisters. Over three quarters of the 770 responses were “supportive”. Many felt this station development at Seven Sisters would support local regeneration (section 3.96) and would ease pressure on the Victoria line (section 3.94).

South Tottenham Crossrail 2

The current plan for Seven Sisters includes a Crossrail 2 entrance being added as part of South Tottenham station. 55 supportive comments expressed particular support for this link (section 3.95).

Stoke Newington shaft

Down the road in Stoke Newington opinion is more split on the proposals to demolish Morrisons and built a ventilation shaft (Table 3.15). Some raised suggestions that Stoke Newington have its own station instead, but this may well be unlikely to be added to plans at this stage.

We shall find out as plans develop. Following George Osborne’s confirmation of development funding for Crossrail 2, things should really get moving. The “Crossrail 2 team” promise, “In the summer we will publish a document that will respond to the issues and concerns raised during the consultation. Over the coming months we will undertake further design and development work and share proposals in further rounds of consultation as the scheme develops.”

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