Wildes Cheese, Tottenham

Cheesy Tottenham TV

A recent episode of the BBC’s James Martin: Home Comforts features local cheese producers, Wildes Cheese. If you missed the broadcast, you can still catch up on iPlayer (below) until the middle of February.

The cheeses range from Highcross (“salty, mild, creamy and crumbly”) to Smoked Londonshire (“soft and runny cheese held together by a white velvety coat”).

The St Bruce brings another local on to the stage, being “given a regular drink of Redemption brewery’s Hopspur to create the coat”. They will even make Poutine Curds to order to help make the perfect hangover cure the day after too much Redemption.

“Deep in the heart of Tottenham, north London … Philip Wilton is proving that city living and gourmet food production can be very compatible.”

It’s no surprise that Wildes Cheese keeps going from strength to strength, as Philip comments “I have always wanted to make something that you can take pride in and that brings pleasure to people and cheese is what I love making, eating and talking about”.

If you haven’t tasted it yet, you can find out more about – and shop for – Wildes Cheese at wildescheese.co.uk

Tottenham cheese on iplayer
[BBC iPlayer: available until 12/2/15]

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