Bob Marley at Tottenham film club

Bob Marley takes centre stage* for the latest night organised by the Tottenham World Film Club, even if he has to share the limelight with Banksy.

The evening on Saturday 15 June opens with TWFC short doc “Banksy Missing in Tottenham”, directed by Chiara Contrino, and guest short doc “A Day in the Life of my Stepdad”. (dir. Jeremy Cole, 2013)

The main feature is Kevin Macdonald’s exhaustive, evenhanded portrait of Bob Marley – the only Jamaican more famous that Usain Bolt. The film offers electrifying concert footage and fascinating insights into reggae’s greatest star.

In a recent interview, Kevin Macdonald examines Marley’s universal appeal and explains how his interviews with the reggae legend’s friends and family lift his film above the level of hagiography.

After the film there is a live Reggae concert from 9pm in the Bar (Jamaican food and drink served).

This time there is a discount rate for people who book advance tickets online.

* Not literally, obviously

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