Black History timeline posters

What links the African emperor who visited his British dominion in 208AD and the most successful entertainer of all time? Or a pioneering nurse in the Crimean War with the richest man in recorded human history?

Two new posters charting the timeline of Black History reveal this often hidden story.

And a Tottenham image makes it into the account, even if it is a picture of the burnt out Carpetright store from 2011.

The posters, entitled “Black History: prehistory to the 21st century” and “Black History: forward into the 21st century”, work together as an all-encompassing pair. Alternatively each poster can be displayed separately, imparting a standalone narrative.

They are available in a range of sizes from EasyArt:
Black History: prehistory to the 21st century

Black History: forward into the 21st century

Black History timeline poster

One of the two Black History posters

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