Haringey Food & Drink Festival on Tottenham Green


Haringey Food & Drink Festival is taking place on Tottenham Green this Sunday. The festival is the culmination of Urban Food Fortnight.

Building on the ongoing success of the weekly Tottenham Green market, the impressive line up this Sunday will showcase over 40 urban food producers, growers, breweries & street food stalls.

Long time local favourites such as Beavertown, Wildes Cheese and Craving Coffee will be joined by stalls ranging from Sole Share’s fresh oyster bar through to Living Under One Sun’s apple press. Personally I’ll be starting with an “Ugly Dumpling” and then going stall to stall from there!

Those represented include:
Burger Bear, Tokunbo’s Kitchen, Angostura Steak House, The Green Bean Cafe, Tangy Tasty Thai, Tri Prana Smoothies, Wildes Cheese, Fruit Magpie, Crop Drop, Li...

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Crossrail 2 consultation results

Crossrail 2 map: Tottenham & Seven Sisters

The results of the Autumn 2015 consultation on Crossrail 2 have been published this week.

This new railway connecting London north-east to south-west could bring huge benefits to the local area as well as the wider metropolis. It will improve journey times across London, and ease congestion on the Victoria line.

However some concerns had been raised of the impact of the line – and its construction – locally.

Tottenham Hale tunnel portal

Of particular local interest is the plan to build a tunnel portal just south of Tottenham Hale. Around half of the 321 comments made with specific regard to building this tunnel entrance are classified as positive, including the comment that it would be “hugely beneficial”.

Some 50 comments were made stating environmental/social concerns (section 3...

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Crossrail 2: trains exit tunnel at Markfield Park

Crossrail 2 map: Tottenham & Seven Sisters

The case for the Crossrail 2 north-south rail link gets stronger every day. This proposed project is vital to provide improved public transport in London, and the plans feature welcome improved links for Tottenham Hale and Seven Sisters including South Tottenham station. But there remain crucial questions on its impact on local residents, both during and after construction.

The latest plans were revealed this week and provide more detail in the form of a Crossrail 2 interactive consultation map.

They make the option of a tunnel portal at Copper Mill Junction on Walthamstow Marshes less likely. This had caused much disquiet at the impact on this marvellous open space and its wildlife. However the proposed tunnel still emerges above ground to the SOUTH of Tottenham Hale, in a strip of land r...

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Crossrail 2 for South Tottenham station

Crossrail 2 map: Tottenham & Seven Sisters

South Tottenham station will get a major upgrade if the Crossrail 2 plan goes ahead, with a direct entrance to the new subterranean platforms for fast trains into central London and beyond.

Once built, the proposed train service would provide a Crossrail 2 train every 4 minutes (or 15 trains an hour). Each train has the capacity to carry 1,500 passengers, being over 200m long (two full-sized football pitches) and can travel at up to 140 km/h (90 mph).

Crossrail 2 is still on the drawing boards at the moment, but the case for this north-south rail link gets stronger every day. It is vital to provide improved public transport in London. As the Evening Standard commented “the case for extra spending on Crossrail 2 is … now unanswerable

The current proposals reveal plans to:

• Two 250 m...

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Tube strike chaos

South Tottenham Overground station was overflowing by the time trains started this morning. The tube strike across London drove additional passengers onto what is already an overcrowded line.

Tube strike crowds at South Tottenham

Overcrowding after a train had just left South Tottenham Overground during tube strike on 6 August 2015

Meanwhile, elsewhere TfL was resorting to desperate measures to keep London moving. The streets of east London had the rare sight of a museum piece back plying its trade as a No. 8 bus. Was this what Boris meant when he promised to bring back the Routemaster?

Vintage Routemaster Tube Strike

TfL press vintage bus into action on streets of Shoreditch during today’s tube strike

The strikes have brought together the four unions with members employed on the London Underground (LU), and more could follow as there is a mandate for contin...

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Steamy local film: KinoVan at Markfield


Local film history will be brought to life with a mobile cinema and he steam engine is in action at Markfield Beam Engine this Bank Holiday Monday.

The KinoVan will be on hand showcasing vintage home video clips and the best of our local film history. Sourced from amateur and professional films, the curated film programmes showcase London’s vibrant past through a mix of newsreels, films by local societies and home movies, captured on everything from Super-8 to VHS. The Kino van is part of FilmLondon’s “London: A Bigger Picture”

Steam Day with the KinoVan at Markfield Beam Engine and Museum
25 May 2015
Markfield Beam Engine and Museum, Markfield Road, South Tottenham, London N15 4RB

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Chinese New Year feast


Celebrate Chinese New Year in Tottenham with a feast at Craving Coffee during the evening of Thursday 19 February.

Owner Matt Ho will be hosting an intimate evening with a menu promising to showcase his passion for the cuisine of his Chinese Singaporean & Malaysian heritage.


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Cheesy Tottenham TV

Wildes Cheese, Tottenham

A recent episode of the BBC’s James Martin: Home Comforts features local cheese producers, Wildes Cheese. If you missed the broadcast, you can still catch up on iPlayer (below) until the middle of February.

The cheeses range from Highcross (“salty, mild, creamy and crumbly”) to Smoked Londonshire (“soft and runny cheese held together by a white velvety coat”).

The St Bruce brings another local on to the stage, being “given a regular drink of Redemption brewery’s Hopspur to create the coat”. They will even make Poutine Curds to order to help make the perfect hangover cure the day after too much Redemption.

“Deep in the heart of Tottenham, north Lo...

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Where to eat out in South Totteham?


Given it is such a mixed and vibrant area, it’s no surprise that South Tottenham has a varied range of cuisines to dine out on. Here’s our round up of just some of the options.

El Parador ...

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Tesco closes store

As part of a nationwide series of cutbacks, troubled Tesco are shutting their Express store in South Tottenham. As yet, it is unclear how the site will be re-developed.

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